Another Cooking Blog?!

Why do we need yet another cooking blog?  The answer will ultimately be provided by you.  Why did I start it?  I did so as a therapeutic exercise to channel my passion for cooking into a medium that didn’t require an initial huge outlay of money.  I have always wanted to open a restaurant but I honestly don’t want to invest money into what is probably the worse investment.   The majority of restaurants usually fail in the first year. Of those restaurants and foodservice businesses that made it beyond a year, 70% failed within the next 3 to 5 years.  So I decided to channel my passion with a $100 a year subscription to WordPress and created this blog.  This site is dedicated to celebrating the cuisine of Portugal.  I began cooking when I was 13 years old and fell in love with the process making food.  Growing up in a Portuguese household that meant I made a lot of Portuguese food.  I learned by watching my parents but soon expanded to cookbooks and magazines.  I am fluent in Portuguese which expanded my culinary research but over the years trial and error in the kitchen taught me more than any publication.  A few years ago I decided to start a Facebook group (with the same name)  where people gathered to share Portuguese recipes with one simple rule: it had to be in English.  Portugal, a one time global superpower, had a tumultuous 20th century.  It went from monarchy to dictatorship to a young democracy and in that period many were forced to emigrate in search of a better quality of life.  This mass exodus led half the population to move away.  Now with  so many Luso descendants living outside of Portugal the successive generations may no longer speak, read or write Portuguese.  So I created a  group that shared recipes, stories and experiences with only three rules: (1) post Portuguese or Portuguese inspired recipes  (2)  the recipes, stories posts etc. have to be in English and (3) only original content is allowed.  This last rule means that no cookbook reproductions are allowed which mitigates copyright issues but more importantly it means that people are sharing the recipes from their families.  The Facebook group has  recipes and stories that are original and were passed down the generations.  This site seeks to explore the recipes and culinary traditions of Portugal in more depth than the Facebook group.  The Facebook group is a sort of bulletin board where recipes are posted for all to see.  Their permanence is dependent on how many likes and comments it gets but over time it fades  to be replaced by the next recipe.  This cycle ensures that we never run out of content but it also means we cannot take the time to fully appreciate it.  This site seeks to do just that: take a recipe or topic and savor it.  Perhaps getting into the cultural history of a dish or an ingredient, provide variations on recipes, or how to make ingredients that you might not be able to buy in your local supermarket.    I still don’t know all the things I am going to share or what my vision is beyond what I just told you.  There are many blogs and websites about food even some excellent ones covering Portuguese food.  One of my favorites is Tia Maria’s Blog  where Maria Dias has a deep repository of fantastic recipes and stories.  What is going to differentiate this one from others is that I am going to get my hands dirty in the process of providing you with a recipe, story or experience.  I am going to go deeper than you might have gone before in a cookbook, TV show, blog or Facebook group.  By providing a total immersion experience you will get to know a dish so well that you don’t need the written recipe.  You will know and understand it like it was passed down to you.  It will be a part of you.  I also will provide information on places, stores and restaurants and write-ups on ingredients I use.  I hope you will visit often and provide the answer above as to why we need another cooking blog.