Churrasco Misto (Mixed BBQ Grill).

Winter has come but that doesn’t stop me from grilling.  I am a big fan of rodizio, the popular Brazilian endless meat parade of a meal.  The grilling of meat over a flame has its origins in the colonial history of Portugal.  The African countries that Portugal colonized have a long tradition of grilling meat, especially chicken, over an open flame.  Piri piri chicken is a hallmark of that tradition.  The Brazilians take that tradition to extreme heights with their endless grilled meat feast.  Many Portuguese restaurants feature a sort of reduced rodizio in the form of churrasco misto or mixed BBQ grill.  The dish features a limited amount of meat selections but usually contains chicken, beef, pork and sausages served with fries and rice.  In my version I include all three of the popular proteins (Chicken, beef and pork) along with some sausages.  I cheat a little on the sausages in that I buy Latin American sausages from Ecuador and Argentina.  I like the small size and they are packed with flavor.  You can use any meats (or even fish) you like and if you want to keep it purely Portuguese you can grill some chourico.   A few things to remember when you prepare this dish: (1) brine the chicken so it doesn’t dry when you grill it. (2) Season the beef for at least 6 hours so it intensifies the flavor. (3) Marinate the pork belly overnight to infuse it with flavor.  Picanha is also know as sirloin cap and comes from the top portion of the beef rump.  It is available at ethnic supermarkets serving Latin American and Portuguese communities.  It is important to not trim the fat on the picahna steaks.  The fat layer adds flavor to the meat.  If you have health concerns just cut it away when eating.  If you cannot find it use flat iron steaks instead.

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