Frango Assado à Moda Da Bairrada (Bairrada Style Roasted Chicken)

Bairrada is a located in the Beira Litoral Province. It is located close to the Atlantic which ocean currents have a moderating effect on the climate. The region includes the municipalities of Anadia, Cantanhede, Mealhada and Oliveira do Bairro.  The area is know for two things: (1) its bold and flavorful red wine and (2) roasted suckling pig.  The latter is what we are interested in for this recipe.  Roasted suckling pig is a hallmark Portuguese dish served on holidays like Christmas and Easter.  I will give it a proper treatment on the blog as we approach Christmas since its preparation while simple takes a lot of time (3 days at least).  Chefs in Portugal have adapted the recipe for all sorts of cuts of meat and poultry.  This recipe transforms simple roasted chicken into a delicious meal that can be weeknight friendly.  The recipe is classic Portuguese in that there are very few ingredients that when combined make for a delicious dish.  This is why using the freshest ingredients is key.  You will also have to procure lard.  I don’t mean that stuff you get at the supermarket.  I am afraid we have to address the elephant in the room: Pork Fat.  That’s right you will either have to make your own lard or purchase it.  Purchasing it can be almost impossible which means you will likely have to make it.  Don’t worry its easy and the by product is amazingly tasty.