Galinha Com Arroz De Açafrão (Chicken with Saffron Rice)

The provenance of chicken and rice is by no means Portuguese but it is a very popular way of serving chicken.  Second only to barbecued chicken rice with chicken is a staple of the Portuguese kitchen.  This version highlights the use of two ingredients that really go a long way to adding the signature flavors of this dish:  chouriço and saffron.  The smokey chouriço and the earthy saffron infuse this dish with a luscious richness that can be served on a Tuesday night or at a weekend dinner party.  It is important to score some authentic chouriço but if you cannot get get it you may substitute Spanish sausage, Andouille or if you must kielbasi.    While the saffron and chouriço are the main stars here the carmalazation of the onions and carrots add a richness to the dish that cannot be overlooked or skipped.