Seabras Foods

The Seabras family have over the years build a vast empire of stores and eateries in Portuguese ethnic enclaves across the US.  A few years ago the family split the operations between two entities that have ownership over the supermarkets:  Seabra Foods and Seabras Market.  I can’t tell the difference between the two entities.  Every ingredient you see listed in my recipes can be sourced at either location.  They both carry fresh meat, fish and produce along with fruit and imported goods like Portuguese olive oils, wines and liquors.  I, along with every ethnically Portuguese person living along the east coast, could not cook Portuguese food without shopping at their stores.  They bring a little bit of Portugal to the United States and have been ambassadors of Portuguese Cuisine and culture.  Below is information taken from the Seabras Food website.

Seabra Foods was founded in 1967 and is the leading ethnic food retailer in the United States. The Seabra Foods chain consists of 12 locations across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida.  Seabra Foods feature products from Portugal, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Spain and more.  Its’ mission is to go beyond normal retail and put our customer first.