António da Silva ( March 29, 1934 – October 14, 2015) was simply known as “Chef Silva” and is one of Portugal’s most renowned chefs and the founder and contributor to the Teleculinaria enterprise.  Born into a poor family Chef Silva lost his father at a young age but was very intelligent as a young boy.  His family decided to enroll him in the seminary but he didn’t have the calling for priesthood and eventually ran away.  He decided to earn money by working in restaurants in and around Lisbon washing dishes and eventually working his way up to waiter.  His love for cooking, already piqued by watching his mother cook, eventually led him to enroll in a Lisbon culinary school where he graduated with distinction.  After becoming a Chef at very elite hotels and restaurants in Lisbon.  This eventually led him to host a weekly television show (the first of its kind in Portugal) and to eventually launch a magazine entitled “Teleculinaria” that featured the televised recipes along with other traditional Portuguese dishes.  The magazine grew to become an enterprise that included several food themed magazines and books and eventually a multimedia company that features social media outlets and an interactive website.  I first was introduced to the magazines when spending time in Portugal visiting my family.  My mom would buy it for the desserts and I used to read and make the recipes featured in the editions we brought back to America.  The magazines and website still offer fantastic recipes for traditional Portuguese food and Luso inspired modern takes on other cuisines.  The site features great cooking videos that provides step by step instructions.  Their signature style is simple easy recipes that do not feature long ingredient lists or complicated cooking techniques.  The website, magazines and books are all in Portuguese but with Google Translate they are easily decoded.  The videos, while in Portuguese, are presented in such a way that everyone can follow it.  You can follow them across all social media outlets.  The links are included below.